More almost-kitchen…

When I ordered my kitchen from IKEA I watched their calm videos about how easy it is to install and proudly told everyone about how I was going to do it myself. Me, who owns about three DIY tools and, whilst being averagely good at assembling flat-pack furniture, had never done anything more than that.

To their credit, everyone I casually mentioned this plan to smiled very sweetly and nodded at me without laughing in my face. Bless them and their inner giggles at my ridiculous plan.

IN MY DEFENCE if my walls and floor had been level I still maintain that I could have done it myself a la the oddly soothing IKEA videos.

The kitchen to do list versions 1-5

So now I’m definitely moving and definitely almost a home-owner I need to start making actual decisions, not just dreamily putting stuff on Pinterest. Turns out the real stuff is a lot more complicated than doing things hypothetically, who knew?!

For instance, I know the sort of thing I’m after for the kitchen and have put together a first draft but actually planning how to do it in the time available without spending a fortune is quite complex.

My love affair with the IKEA kitchen planner

I bloody love the internet and spend a lot of my time on it for work and cat video pleasure but one of my absolute favourite games on the internet is the IKEA 3D kitchen planner. Admittedly we have a love-hate relationship (but why can’t I just drag this unit where I want it?!) but I could happily spend hours playing with it.

I’ve been planning the new kitchen for the flat complete with awkward pipes to work round…

Kitchen ideas

I’ve always assumed that the kitchen will be the first big project I tackle in the new flat but haven’t been sure whether I’d upgrade it straight away or live with it for a while before doing it up. It’s looking increasingly like it will make more sense to take it on before I move though.

As with all things, I’m drawn to grey kitchens. I like moody dark ones and fresh bright ones so the tuxedo kitchen (who knew that was a thing?!) seems to fit the bill, combining dark base cabinets with lighter wall cabinets/shelves.

Buying myself a boiler

Argh I was so close to finishing the legal stuff for the flat purchase until someone noticed an error in the vendor’s paperwork so it’ll be *at least* three more weeks til I get the keys. Sigh. One thing I have made a tiny bit of progress on is getting a new boiler sorted for the new flat as the heating doesn’t work. Sexy topic for a blog post amirite?