No kitchen news for you yet, I’ve been too busy sleeping or watching TV. You’re not the boss of me.

One of my earliest purchases for the flat was in fact a brand new keyring. Yes, this is a post about a keyring.

My current keyring arrangement consists of a sad one-armed, no-legged Elvis for my office key (he was originally much more awesome and in possession of all his limbs but he hasn’t aged well) and a blood donor keyring for my house keys.

When I bought the penthouse I decided it was time to treat myself to a new keyring (because that is the wild fun stuff I like to do). I really wanted one that said ‘The Penthouse’ on it but couldn’t find one online. Also, if you search ‘penthouse’ online you will get products relating to the magazine of the same name…

I then looked into personalised keyrings and found a few ‘meh’ options online until I stumbled on Keytags by Various Projects. They have some very funny options available to order, these are a couple of my favourites (click to view/order them).

Unknown keytag Last-minute gift Cat personGuac is extra Pizza key-tagI like some of their swear-ier options too but didn’t want to put them here in case my mum/my friend Rachel’s mum/my Granny reads this. If you’re one of those people I promise I don’t know any swear words at all. I also love that ‘Blogger’ is in their ‘vulgarities/insults’ category 🙂

You can choose the colours for each tag to customise their standard ones but I wanted my own so choose their custom option for $20 and look how cute it is!

Penthouse keyring

I’ve been waiting for some more quotes to replace my ceilings which, combined with everything else I’ve had to spend my money on make me thing I should’ve chosen this custom option:

Money pit keyring

Oh well, it’ll be worth it in the end (hopefully).

I’m not on commission for these guys by the way (though maybe I should be), I just thought these were marvellous