I’m not very good at this blogging lark. I realised I’ve given you an ‘in progress’ post for the bedroom but not actually shown you what it was like to start with. Decidedly amateur move there jeopardising my hypothetical (as in entirely imaginary) book deal and prime time interior design TV show …

ANYWAY. This is what the bedroom looked like when I bought the penthouse.

Bedroom before

As in the second bedroom (now office – well, now ‘room full of boxes’), the room has matching curtains and bedding plus the single most amazing headboard I’ve ever seen: padded, upholstered, corduroy-style fabric with matching upholstered drawers attached. Nothing short of epic.

There were also matching light fittings and the big squishy dog.

Now, my friends with children should count themselves lucky as I was really tempted to offer this to one of the kids I know just to wind their parents up that they now had to find somewhere to keep a big cuddly toy. It is only because I’m so very considerate (and didn’t see my friends in time) that I was not so mean.

Bedroom before

The room had quite a lot of furniture in not a particularly large room including these wardrobe units (which my lovely colleague Dan is now the proud owner of after an epic dismantling session).

Bedroom before

The additional wardrobes are superfluous to requirements as there are two built-in wardrobes (one in the centre of the photo above with the slatted doors).

We cleared the room, stripped the wallpaper and have filled it back up again with our stuff. Apart from the bare walls, patchy ceilings and exposed wiring tubing it is one of the more complete rooms which actually sounds a bit ridiculous when you write that in a sentence (yeah, apart from the walls and ceilings not being right it’s immaculate….) but I guess it is all relative these days.

In other news the wiring is done (yey), I built the oven cabinet and installed it (yey) but it is broken so I can’t fit the door on (not yey) and we’ve started doing various other bits so I’ll try to share more progress here over the next week or so. If you are interested in more hilarious* updates in the interim you can like One Pin Left In on Facebook – www.facebook.com/onepinleftin


*hilarity definitely not guaranteed

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