The bedroom: before

I’m not very good at this blogging lark. I realised I’ve given you an ‘in progress’ post for the bedroom but not actually shown you what it was like to start with. Decidedly amateur move there jeopardising my hypothetical (as in entirely imaginary) book deal and prime time interior design TV show …

ANYWAY. This is what the bedroom looked like when I bought the penthouse.

Insert rubbish stripping joke here

Apologies for the lack of blog updates this week but I’ve been busy destroying the penthouse.

Not in a bad way obviously but definitely in a ‘worse before it gets better’ sort of way. So far the victims are the kitchen’s wall units, a couple of bits of wooden boxed in areas, the wallpaper from 1.5 rooms and my knuckles.

I’ve stripped the walls in the bedroom and I’d worried that the walls would be in a poor condition as they are all covered in textured wallpaper. Luckily they seem to be ok so far with only the cracks I’d already spotted. I never thought I’d be proud of bricks and plaster but whenever someone says ‘your walls are great’ I feel very smug!