The mortgage company’s valuation of the flat made me smile as it essentially gave me a bonus room. ¬†Where I’d seen a small, damp, poorly ventilated enclosed balcony, the valuer gave me a sunroom!


The new flat is essentially a smaller version of our current rented flat so the sunroom (yep the name is sticking) is a bonus space and probably the one where I’ve got the clearest idea of what I want to do with it.

I’m imaging a cosy space to curl up with a book and a cat or just to sit and stare out of the window (it looks out onto miscellaneous greenery not into someone’s house or something weird).

I put together a Pinterest board to gather some ideas. There’s lots of grey (it’s my favourite colour – I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to it!) and lots of cosy things.

This mood board shows some of the things I have in mind (including stand-in cat). Click the image for product details if you’re interested.


I once jokingly said I wanted an indoor hammock and in this space it might actually be an oddly practical choice. I found this swinging chair/suspended seat thing which looks super cosy and ideal for napping (basically my main hobby).

A hanging chair frees up floor space, which should make the room feel more spacious, and prevents the cats clawing it to shreds (they’ll find a way but at least it might slow them down a bit!)

I reckon I’ll add one of the teak charity shop coffee tables I now seem to be hoarding (I currently have two but still find myself looking out for them in the windows of my favourite charity shops), some candles, a set or two of borderline-tacky fairy lights, a blanket or seven plus some cushions.

First I’ll need to deal with the damp problem though. I think it is condensation from a tumble dryer that was used in the the balcony sunroom without sufficient ventilation. Hopefully a combination of my tiny dehumidifier and some fresh air will help solve the problem and some hardcore anti-mould paint will stop it coming back.

When I have some better photos I’ll show you what the sunroom currently looks like. Current favourite feature? The birdhouse, indoors (though to be fair maybe it is for the model birds on the wall…)


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