Updating my to do list almost a year on

So it’s been a bit quiet around here for a little while. Sorry to those of you who were desperate for more thrilling updates on boilers and ceilings (and who isn’t desperate for those?!)

I’ve been a bit busy working, being too tired, watching tv, being too tired, sitting around and being too tired which is not a good combo for DIY-ing or blogging about DIY-ing.

I’ll try and do some round-ups of the bits I have been working on but for today I thought I’d revisit a post I wrote almost a year ago and do a general progress report as it is coming up to a year of owning The Penthouse.

A year ago I was still waiting for the paperwork to go through to buy the flat so I wrote a big long list of all the things that would need doing. Let’s see how far I’ve got…

Sealant, (a lack of) safety goggles and a feline assistant

Well check me out, I only went and did some actual DIY. High fives over here for making something look (marginally) better rather than just demolishing stuff.

As my mega exciting project was replacing the sealant around the bath maybe my house renovation book deal (new life goal) isn’t gonna happen just yet but hey, it’s some progress.

The bathroom is likely to be the last room I do anything cosmetic with so the embossed vinyl wallpaper in shades of peach and 80s grey and pink tiles are going to be sticking around for a while. One thing that did need doing though was replacing the sealant around the bath.

Ever over-confident in my own abilities I figured this was something I could do and one minor eye injury later it was indeed done.