So I’ve talked about my grand vision for the damp balcony sunroom‘. The only other ‘room’ I have ideas for is what I’ve grandly termed the ‘lobby’ aka the second smallest space in the flat aka the area created when a former owner added an extra front door to enclose part of the hallway.

It’s currently painted pale yellow with what I think is efflorescence (crystally deposits on the wall) which adds a certain icky rustic charm.  There is a nice big window with a window box and the window from the toilet so not much wall space.

I know I’ll want somewhere to drop my stuff when I get in, often called a landing strip (no not that kind of landing strip). I can be a bit messy so I need a place for things to go or they’ll get dumped in a corner and lost. That means somewhere to put my coat and bag and whatever other random stuff I’ve been carting about.

The cats’ litter tray needs to live somewhere and while ‘hi welcome to my house this is where the cats poo’ isn’t the greatest of welcomes, there isn’t another obvious place to keep it. I’d love to come up with a cunningly disguised litter box though.

If we’re embracing the ‘things that smell’ theme I might as well keep shoes here too so I can stick them on on my way out.

I picked up a record cabinet from a charity shop a while ago meaning to convert it into a litter tray disguise but I reckon it’s a better shoe cupboard. It is looking a bit battered so it is crying out for a paint job, something bold I think (must resist the urge to paint everything grey).

I reckon a coat of something on the wall to block the efflorescence followed by white paint, coat hooks and somewhere for shoes.

As for the front door itself  I’m thinking grey (obviously) and some modern numbers plus a cute decal. The door doesn’t have to be the same colour on both sides so maybe either matt black or a bright colour plus there is the original front door to consider – choices choices!

I’ve put together a mood board to summarise my thoughts (it honestly isn’t supposed to contain quite so much grey!), click on it to see details of the products it contains.

Lobby mood board

No update on actually finishing the purchase of the flat yet so it’s all still hypothetical but I’m hoping this is the week I get everything signed!


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