As part of my planning for the flat makeover I’ve been asking for ideas from a group of people with which I seem to share a lot of interests – small children.

The most recent consultant was Elsie who is four (but wise beyond her years). We share a love for the Frozen soundtrack, t-shirts with cats on and a desire for me to get a puppy.

Her original suggestion for the colour I should paint the new flat was blue but later she said I should paint it the colour of the moon – see we even share a love for grey. It turns out she meant a yellow moon but details schmetails…

Inspired by the suggestion and desperately procrastinating from trying to declutter even more I created a mood board for a moon room for Elsie.

Elsie's moon room mood board

So there are star curtains and star wallpaper, glow in the dark bedding and lots of grey. I threw in some yellow because yellow and grey is my favourite colour combo at the moment and it sticks to Elsie’s original moon colour suggestion. There is a telescope and some very cool lights too. Click on the image to see product details and sources.

It is maybe a bit more of a room for me than Elsie but what four year old doesn’t like spiky and potentially dangerous lights….?

I’m looking forward to getting Elsie’s thoughts on the new place when I finally get the keys. Given her views on the current place include ‘it’s very dirty’ because a few bits were dusty I’m a little bit scared!


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