Updating my to do list almost a year on

So it’s been a bit quiet around here for a little while. Sorry to those of you who were desperate for more thrilling updates on boilers and ceilings (and who isn’t desperate for those?!)

I’ve been a bit busy working, being too tired, watching tv, being too tired, sitting around and being too tired which is not a good combo for DIY-ing or blogging about DIY-ing.

I’ll try and do some round-ups of the bits I have been working on but for today I thought I’d revisit a post I wrote almost a year ago and do a general progress report as it is coming up to a year of owning The Penthouse.

A year ago I was still waiting for the paperwork to go through to buy the flat so I wrote a big long list of all the things that would need doing. Let’s see how far I’ve got…

Rewiring woes

So I thought owning a flat in need of updating would be a blissful existence of Pinterest and mood boards. Gazing at paint samples and lusting after beautiful furniture. No real stress, just dreaming up beautiful colour schemes and nifty storage options.

Actually it is mostly just expensive.

When I first looked round the penthouse I saw that the fuse board would need updating and guessed that, like many other things, the wiring was probably quite old and probably original. I knew that I’d probably end up rewiring the flat at some point.

Well, ‘at some point’ has become ‘before I do anything else’.