Ta da! After months and months and months of trying to sort it out I have now officially got the flat!


My original offer was accepted last July so almost six months later I’ll finally be getting the keys. FINALLY.

I’ve decided the flat needs a name as a) I like naming inanimate objects in lieu of having pets to name and b) it is better than just saying ‘the flat’ all the time.

Dana’s beautiful house featured on House*Tweaking is ‘the Underdog‘ (and rereading that post about what it looked like before they renovated it has lots of similarities with my flat) and I like how it gives the place some personality.

I’ve decided on ‘the penthouse’ as it is on the top floor and that makes it sound much fancier than it is (gotta love a touch of sarcasm).

Therefore, let me give you a sneak peek of the penthouse…

Introducing the penthouse

(Seriously, I love/loathe those carpets).

Anyhows, time to stop being hypothetical and start making some actual concrete plans argh!


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